Smart Cities

A conversation with Miloš Milisavljević
It is 2020 and you live in a city? You probably didn’t know that you belong to 50% of the total world population inhabiting the urban environment. In the next 30-40 years this number is predicted to increase to 80%. If that sound too abstract, let’s transfer these percentages into some real-life examples - in the upcoming years the urban population will increase by one city the size of Milan, Prague or Belgrade on a weekly basis! Dizzying, right?

If you belong to the urban population, you have certainly not been bypassed by the buzzword "smart city". Cities of the future or smart cities are a wide discussed concept, originated from the trend of population growth and the need for sustainability. One of the pioneer companies from the smart city tech industry comes from Serbia and is older than the term "smart city" itself. Strawberry Energy is founded in 2011. And today you can find their products in over 20 countries and 50 cities around the globe. Strawberry produces a smart street furniture, which brings energy and connectivity to the city streets. Their products are designed for public spaces where people gather, making the cities smarter and more convenient to live in. 

Miloš Mlisavljević, one of the founders of Strawberry Energy, is truly enthusiastic about the reorientation of city infrastructure aimed at improving life in urban areas. In this conversation we tackled a lot of interesting topics, from Strawberry smart city products such as Strawberry tree and smart benches, through PPP between cities and socially responsible companies, all the way to Tesla, electric cars and the influence of Covid-19 to smart cities and habits of its inhabitants.

The episode is in Serbian.

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