Design Thinking

A conversation with Marko Jevtic
Is there a magic formula for creating the products and services that people want? How should we think about our customers and their needs if we wish our product to be well received?

In this episode of k/talks, my guest Marko Jevtić presented a concept of design thinking. Design thinking is a methodology that is successfully used both by startups and large corporations around the globe. It leads us to better understanding of our users, their needs and problems on one side, but also teaches us to how to test prototypes, find innovative solutions and adapt on the other. Companies that use the design thinking methodology describe it as the key to success not only in the process of innovation, but also in improving existing products and ideas.

Marko Jevtić is the co-author of the book Design Thinking, which he wrote together with his colleague from Nordeus, Milovan Dekić. In Nordeus, Marko leads a team working on the game Top Eleven, a product that had over 200 million users. After completing Cotrugli EMBA studies, he also completed the LEAD program at Stanford University. Before Nordeus, he worked in marketing and wrote for various media. Marko revealed that design thinking is somewhat like cooking - after some time and practice, everyone finds their ideal recipe that suits them best.

This episode is in Serbian.

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