Games of Chance

A conversation with Dejan Kosanović
Who would you bet to win the Wimbledon final - Novak Djokovic or Borna Ćorić? What would be the quota for Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro or BiH to enter the finals of the World Cup? The Covid-19 may have hindered our intentions to support our sports favourites this summer, but we are still betting on one thing – sport will certainly remain the most important side thing in the world even in the situation of the “new normal”.

In this bonus episode of k/talks we are covering the world of sports as one of the favourite summer topics. This time, our author Rastko Petaković (currently on his well-deserved vacation) got a replacement - his colleague Miloš Vučković, a huge fan of sports, took us through current hottest topics in the world of sports. Miloš’s guest in this episode is Dejan Kosanović, a marketing director at Mozzart, the largest organizer of games of chance in the SEE, with presence in the markets of Kenya and Colombia.

Miloš and Dejan talked not only about the events and activities in the world of sports during the Covid-19 pandemic, but also about the latest innovations in the gaming industry, how the development of new technologies affects the future of sports, and how these industries will attract new customers in the future. 

The episode is in Serbian.

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