Legal Tech

A conversation with Maya Markovich
Most people view legal profession as traditional and slow to adapt to ever present forces of technology and innovation. In some aspects they are right and there are good reasons for moving slowly. In its core, legal profession is intrinsically based on trust and human to human interaction. Equally important, it is a part of the justice system and as such it cannot afford itself the luxury to “move fast and break things”. But it does move. Lawyers use AI-based systems to enhance document review processes, they work with contract automation, regtech tools and other innovative technologies.

So, it seems only natural to have Maya Markovich as a guest to discuss all things legal tech. Maya is the Chief Growth Officer of Nextlaw Labs since 2015. Nextlaw Labs is the industry’s first and leading legal technology and innovation catalyst and intelligence hub, focused exclusively on legal innovation via early-stage legal tech. With her unique background spanning behavioral science, law, investment, and change management, Maya currently leads analysis, collaboration, launch, and adoption of early-stage legal tech. In this episode we discussed the challenges and opportunities of innovation in legal sector, how it’s like to work with lawyers on developing legal tech solutions, and how can legal profession leverage tech lessons that other industries have already learned.

Maya was named one of five “Influential Women of Legal Tech” by ILTA in 2020, a “Woman Leading Legal Tech” by The Technolawgist in 2019, and an ABA Legal Technology Resource Center “Woman of Legal Tech 2018” – you can follow her on LinkedIn.

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