AI: Trick or Threat

A conversation with Ivana Bartoletti
An MIT study showed that fake news travels six times faster on Twitter than real news. Different phenomenons occurring online are a powerful weapon and a fertile territory for spreading information based on a bias. Is AI a dehumanization weapon in the wrong hands or just a progressive tool? What is the cost of creating machine learning and similar algorithms?

A grown and wild digital ecosystem based on an attention economy, engaging business model and behavioral advertising is editing reality thus becoming a vital policymaker. The utopic idea of the Internet and the existing perceptions of AI and robots, or as Meredith Broussard coined it Technochauvinism, is being challenged and rethought.

Where lies a link between technology and justice? Is a relationship between competition and privacy laws on a good path? Why is ethics an important factor in the digital surroundings?

In a new episode of the k/talks podcast with Ivana Bartoletti, a Technical Director at Deloitte and an internationally recognised thought leader in the field of responsible technology, we are discussing these and many more questions and concepts.


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This episode is in English.

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