Banking Cord Blood

A conversation with Dr. Frances Verter
Far too often, parents ask questions around cord blood banking. Most commonly, these two - one: should we do it, and two: which bank. To address this recurring topic, and one that can be incredibly important and consequential for families, we hosted one of the most knowledgeable authorities on this topic, Dr. Frances Verter.
Dr. Verter founded the Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood in 1998, in memory of her daughter Shai. As a mother, a patient advocate and science researcher, she began compiling resources to help other parents make decisions on storing their children’s cord blood. As the body of knowledge around the clinical use of cord blood expanded, her work extended to those issues as well. The wealth of resources she has compiled addresses the questions from the beginning: whether parents should decide to bank cord blood, i.e. are there clinical uses for cord blood; and how to choose the right bank.Frances is also a cofounder at, which collects and provides the data on clinical trials of advanced cell therapy. 

This episode is in English.

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