Venture Capital 2.0

A conversation with Marc Wesselink
In this episode, I am speaking with Marc Wesselink. Mark is a founding partner of Venture Rock, a venture capital firm attempting to change the business of venture capital, improving it both for the investors and the entrepreneurs. He is a serial entrepreneur and as one, he understands the importance of focusing on process and execution. By focusing on these critical points, and less on the appeal of an idea, his fund is focusing on startups that have the ability to execute. In the time when we can measure everything, a well thought out process can help funds and entrepreneurs focus on goods and services that actually deliver value to their customers. 

From minimum viable team, through detailed and well thought out execution plan, to detailed monitoring, this was an exciting conversation with someone who believes that the successful VC capital emerges from the marriage of modern technology for measuring, and basic principles for doing business - focusing on the customers, plan and execution.

Apologies to everyone for a slightly explicit content at times ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
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